Custom Products International, Inc

Custom Products International

At CPI, we strive to be the world�s premier specialty adsorbents provider.

Products and Services

We deliver specialty adsorbent products to customers around the world and provide technically superior products, which provide economic benefits for our customers.


  • Organic/Inorganic Chloride Removal for Reformers
  • Isomerization Feed Pretreatment
  • Mercaptans and H2S
  • Olefin Purification

Applications (continued)

  • Thiophenic Sulfur Compounds
  • Alkylation Feed Pretreatment
  • Catalyst Support
  • Inert Support

Applications (continued)

  • Dehydration Liquid and Vapors
  • Refrigerant Contaminants Removal
  • COS, H2O, and CO2 Adsorption

About Us

With over 100 years of combined experience in adsorbent and catalyst design, adsorption process technologies, refinery unit operations, plus others, our products are indeed, unique. Each product is based on a customer�s individual needs, such as expected contaminants presence and levels.

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